New Case Result: $21 Million Virginia Child Brain Injury Settlement | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The Virginia personal injury attorneys at Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan added a new case result to our brain damage and head injury practice area. The case involves a Virginia Beach commercial truck accident and the subsequent injuries of four family members who were struck by the big rig from behind.

The facts of the Virginia truck accident case

The truck accident took place as a family of four was waiting at a stop light in Virginia Beach. Without warning, a commercial truck rear-ended them, allegedly going approximately 40 miles per hour. The parents, who were located in the front of the car, were injured, while their two young daughters – both seated in safety seats behind their parents – received head injuries when they were pushed into the back of the front seats. One child suffered a concussion, while the other child suffered skull fractures, frontal lobe injuries, and bleeding on the brain.

The truck driver believes that he fainted at the wheel and has no memory of the collision – some believe he fell asleep while driving.

The Virginia brain injury settlement

While the more severely injured daughter is making a good physical recovery from the accident, evidence shows that she suffered permanent frontal lobe damage that could affect many aspects of her life – from her personality to her ability to learn to her impulse control – for the rest of her life.

Our attorneys met with the truck driver and trucking company over multiple mediation sessions and settled the brain injury case for $21 million. This money ensures that the injury victim in this case will get the support she needs as she faces her future with a permanent brain injury.