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New Eye Tracking Technology Shows Promise to Detect Brain Injuries

A new technology is being developed that can track eye movements of patients who are viewing music videos, which can be used to assess the location and effects of a brain injury.

Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center are finding that such eye tracking technology could work as a biological marker to evaluate brain function and to monitor recovery for patients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries or TBI. There also is hope that similar technology may be able to be used some day to evaluate mild traumatic brain injuries, or concussions.

The researchers had people with brain injuries and normal injury free patients watch music video content for three minutes while they measure the ratio of horizontal to vertical eye movements.

In normal patients, the ratios are 1:1. But in 12 patients who had swelling in the brain, they had abnormal eye movement ratios.

TBI affects about 1.5 million people in the US each year with 50,000 deaths. It is hoped that further development of this technology could help to improve patient outcomes for those with TBI.

Our legal team often works on brain injury cases, and we have seen how devastating TBI can be to our clients. We recently had a $3 million settlement involving a bike rider hit by a car. The bike rider suffered memory loss, headaches and memory problems after the accident, which forced him to go on disability.

Hopefully, this new technology will be able to improve the diagnosis of TBI and allow patients to live more normal lives.


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