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New Frequently Asked Questions Case Added on Medical Malpractice

Our law firm just added a FAQ in the practice area of medical malpractice addressing medical malpractice caps in Virginia. A cap is an arbitrary dollar figure put in by the Virginia legislature to help doctors and hospitals saying that no matter what the injury, you can only receive two million dollars in this state for a mistake caused by a doctor’s negligence. The new article answers the question of what does Virginia’s medical malpractice case mean to me and my family if a son, daughter, husband, or wife is harmed by an error by a Virginia healthcare provider.

I'm sorry Emily. I posted to your comment by mistake.
by Sheila Johnson December 17, 2008 at 10:55 PM
A doctor admitted to cutting a tendon during a routine bunionectomy and now I cannot move my great toe. This has caused me some balancing issues and now I have to have another surgery, physical therapy and miss 6 more weeks of work. This doctor offered to pay for the cost of my co-pays for the surgery and physical therapy only if I allow him to try to repair the tendon and no one else. If I choose to let another doctor do it(because of my lack of confidence in him now), is it true that I cannot sue this doctor because he offered to correct it? Does offering to correct his mistake let him off the hook of being sued? Shouldn't he be responsible for the costs even if he doesn't do it because he's the one who made the mistake. Please help!!!
by Sheila Johnson December 17, 2008 at 10:51 PM
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