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Camper Flips in New Kent County, Virginia (VA), Killing Driver and Injuring Passengers

This week alone, there have been two different fatal single-vehicle accidents around the Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) area. The newest one occurred on July 15, 2011.

This time, the accident was caused when a tire that blew out causing a truck to flip while it towed a camper. The driver and father of the family died and his wife, son and son's friend were all injured on I-64 in New Kent County, VA.

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The crash is still under investigation, and I am curious as to why the front left tire of the 2000 Freightliner tractor blew out.  If the tire was defective there may be a possibility that the family can file a product liability suit against the manufacturer.

My condolences go out to the family; they were on their way back from a Virginia Beach, VA, vacation when the accident occured. A family friend was also injured, and this may be a very difficult time for him. He will be trying to recover from his injuries and may need extensive care.  However, I'm sure he would feel terrible approaching the widow and telling her he needs to sue.

As Virginia car crash attorneys we know that this is what insurance companies would have you to believe, that by trying to recover compensation for injuries you have suffered that you would be burdening the family. That is just not true. So what can you do if you were injured as a passenger? Most people aren't aware that you don't have to sue the driver you can instead file a claim against the driver's insurance to recover. 

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