New VA Laws Dealing With Health and Safety Went Into Effect July 1, 2011

Hundreds of new laws cleared the Virginia General Assembly earlier this year and went into effect July 1, 2011. Several of these laws deal with health and safety.  Here are some highlights, according to

Traffic Lights and Two-Wheelers

A new law allows people on motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles to go through red lights at intersections after coming to a complete stop and waiting 120 seconds or two cycles of the traffic light, whichever is shorter. This law helps two-wheelers who get stranded at a red light when only cars and trucks are heavy enough to trip the sensor that changes a light. This law could also assist to prevent personal injury accidents for two-wheelers. Because two-wheelers are smaller than vehicles, and riders are exposed when they collide with cars or otherwise fall, riders sustain catastrophic injuries like traumatic head injury, spinal cord injury, or death.

Aircraft Tax Break

VA lawmakers approved a tax break to create jobs and help Newport News-based Orion Air Group, an aviation company, expand at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia.

Vehicle Title Loans

Virginia lawmakers unrestricted out-of-state car owners from using their cars as collateral at Virginia car title lending shops.


VA lawmakers outlawed the synthetic compounds sold over the counter as Spice and K2, which can give users a marijuana-like high without being detected on drug screenings. Pharmaceutical litigation deals with injury from pharmaceutical products, including over the counter drugs. Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan holds drug manufacturers accountable for drugs’ adverse effects and unproven claimed results. Harmful drug personal injuries can be extreme, causing organ damage, blood clots, illness, and death.

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