$461 million in federal money will be used to begin modernizing North Carolina’s rail system. The money will help pay for 24 projects in 11 counties including Guilford, Alamance and Davidson. Some of the projects including completing double tracks between Greensboro and Charlotte, building a dozen new bridges to eliminate 30 highway crossings and adding a fourth passenger train that will run daily between Raleigh and Charlotte, according to news-record.com.


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By and large, these new rail projects sound great. They could create close to 4,000 new jobs and will help innovate and update a North Carolina (NC) rail system that is in major need of a revamp. But with new rail construction projects comes the risk of injuries to railroad workers, some of which will be undiagnosed for decades.

Brakemen, trackmen, engineers and conductors routinely put their lives at risk while working at a rail yard or at a railroad construction site. Not only do malfunctions occur on railroads, but workers expose themselves to the risk of contracting debilitating diseases like mesothelioma and other types of cancers from breathing in asbestos and diesel exhaust fumes.

This is why there are Carolina railroad lawyers. When a rail worker gets seriously hurt on the job or suddenly finds out they have mesothelioma cancer, the typical response from their employer such as the big railroads like CSX and Norfolk Southern is to find ways of avoiding compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Carolina FELA lawyers take on these big railroads and fight for the rights of the little guy. The guy who worked day in and day out for these companies only to realize that all these companies really care about is the bottom line.

If you’ve been hurt on the job at a railroad or contracted a disease that you suspect was related to you breathing in toxic asbestos dust and diesel fumes, check out this free report written by Carolina railroad FELA lawyers:

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