New Treatment for Victims Who Suffered Injuries that Lead to Paralyzing Injuries

The concept of having electric shock is daunting enough to frighten even the most educated of people.  However a pioneering new treatment that uses electrical shocks to stimulate damaged spinal cords could help paralyzed patients move again.  The treatment works by teaching the spinal cord how to control limbs and body functions independently of the brain, so the patient has some control of movement.  Central to the treatment is a device, a few centimeters long, which contains 16 electrodes and is implanted in the back.

As Virginia personal injury attorneys we know that paralyzed arms and legs are a common result of serious accidents such as car wrecks, commercial truck accidents, airplane crashes, and on-the-job railroad accidents. Our firm has handled these types of cases and we guide our patient, or their family, to ensure the proper medical professionals are being consulted. This experience gives our attorneys a proper frame of reference when determining what damages can be obtained in a settlement or through a jury trial.

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Paralyzing injuries are expensive and our firm can retain an expert to create a life care plan.  The life care plan for someone who has a spinal cord injury help prove whether it will cost millions of dollars for all of the future needs which have been necessitated by the negligence of the person who caused the accident. We are knowledgeable about how to locate and work with such experts to show the amount of future medical bills expected for a client with a spinal cord injury. We advance these expenses on behalf of our clients so they can handle their rehabilitation without the additional  financial worry of the case expenses.



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