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New Virginia (VA) Traffic Law May Impact Car Accident Injuries Caused by Speeding

As of July, 1, 2014 there are new traffic laws that may affect you if you are injured in a car accident.  Starting on July 1, the new standard speed limit for unpaved roads in Virginia is 35 mph.  Previously, the speed limit for these roads was 55 mph, though it varied by county.  If you do drive on unpaved roads on a regular basis, be aware that the law doesn’t require VDOT to post speed limit signs on unpaved roads. So, if you don’t see a sign, you just have to know the speed limit is 35 mph. 

High speed is a factor in many Virginia traffic accidents, including serious wrecks in and around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake. DMV reports that in 2012, speeding drivers caused 40 percent of the 775 traffic fatalities that occurred in the Commonwealth.  One reason speeding accounts for so many car accident injuries is that safety equipment is not as effective when vehicles are traveling at excessive speeds. Guardrails, seat belts, airbags, and other safety measures may not protect passengers at very high speeds.

Though insurance companies like to claim that a person couldn’t possibly have been seriously injured if there is little property damage to a vehicle, your level of injury is a question for your doctors, not for the insurance adjusters.  As Virginia Beach & Norfolk car accident attorneys, we have found that with today’s technology, cars often don’t show a lot of damage, even in cases involving high-speed impacts.  Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of that fact and not pay you what you deserve for the pain and suffering you've endured with your injuries.


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