How many elevators have you ridden in your lifetime?  Dozens, maybe hundreds?  The fear most people have is that the elevator will get stuck between floors. Causing them to be trapped for an unknown length of time maybe even wedged between strangers for the duration.  However a much worse fate was in store for a young advertising executive in New York, New York (NY). 
Tragically Suzanne Hart was killed at a 26-story Manhattan office tower during an elevator accident.  

After some investigating by the New York City’s Buildings Department it seems that this was no freak accident instead maintenance work may have contributed to the accident. 

As a Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney I know that injuries can occur anywhere but when the injury is caused by another person or company’s negligence then you may have a chance to recover for your loved one.  This may be a wrongful death case in which a wrongful death attorney should be hired so that her family can decide whether to take the property owner to court.  Usually property owners have liability insurance in the event someone is injured or killed on their property.