Newport News, Virginia Woman Killed in Wreck

What Happened:

A 71 year-old woman was killed in a fatal car wreck in Newport News, Virginia Dec. 9. She was driving her 2009 Chevrolet Malibu northbound on Warwick Boulevard when she turned onto Turlington Boulevard, and was hit by a 2008 Chrysler Pacifica.

The driver of the Malibu was killed on impact, and the driver and passenger of the Pacifica suffered non-life threatening injuries. Media reports stated that the woman who died was Lois Norton, of Newport News.


Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

An unfortunate accident such as this one reminds us all of the importance of paying close attention at all busy intersections. Just a moment’s inattention can have fatal consequences. The driver and passenger of Pacifica should get in contact with a Virginia personal injury attorney to discuss legal options. A civil lawsuit could be filed against the car insurance policy of the deceased driver, and you could be entitled to financial restitution for your injuries.


Helpful Info:

Our personal injury lawyer team has written this helpful page of information detailing common car insurance coverage and limits in an at-fault accident.

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Common legal questions pertaining to serious injuries in car accidents.

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