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NHTSA Considers Adding 1 Million Cars To GM Brake Light Recall

What Happened:

Federal regulators have announced they are considering adding more than 1 million General Motors cars to an existing recall for brake light trouble. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it’s been investigating complaints about the Chevy Malibu between 2004 and 2011 as well as 2007 to 2009 Saturn Auras.

In some cases the NHTSA says the brake lights may not come on when the brake pedal is pressed. On other occasions, the brake lights will illuminate for no reason. So far safety regulators say they have received 97 complaints from owners of the Chevy and Saturn models.

In 2009, GM initially recalled 8,000 Pontiac G6 vehicles for the same problem. Just last month the NHTSA revealed it was considering adding 550,000 additional Pontiacs to the recall list.

The problem is that if the brake lights don’t properly illuminate then drivers behind the cars will have no warning that they should slow down which could lead to dangerous rear-end collisions. Safety inspectors say the problem with the brake lights was related to corrosion among wires.

The Virginia Injury Attorney’s Perspective:

Though it’s always good to see a company like General Motors take the step of warning consumers about possible dangers associated with its products, the recall by GM raises some serious questions about why the improperly assembled vehicles were allowed to be sold in the first place. Even more troubling is that the first recalls involving the Pontiacs were announced almost four years ago, meaning GM knew about the wiring trouble in their midsized sedans long before the recent statements by the NHTSA.

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Potentially Helpful Information:

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