Nine Students Injured in Chesapeake, VA Bus Crash | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), public school bus crash sent nine middle school students to the hospital on December XX, 2011. The bus, carrying 45 students to Hickory Middle ran off the school’s access road, Hawk Boulevard, and into a ditch. Authorities aren’t sure why the crash occurred, but as the investigation continues, more details will become available.

School bus crashes can be very scary for students. Without seat belts, the crash becomes even more terrifying. Though many parents and safety advocacy groups have argued for the installation of seat belts in school buses, it is not a federal requirement for school-sanctioned vehicles to include safety belts.

The driver and students aboard were lucky to escape relatively safely. Still, our children should feel safe every time they board a school bus. Drivers need to follow all safety laws involving school buses, including stopping when a bus is unloading or loading, and is flashing it’s stop sign. With better knowledge of these laws, we can all work to prevent future accidents from occurring.