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VA Car Accident Injuries: Nine-year Old Hit on Way To Bus Stop

best VA school bus accident injury attorneysAs a parent, I know one day I'll have to send my child off to school. I can already picture the scene; I'll send him out the door each morning with a kiss and wave.  He'll walk across the street and stand on the corner with the other students before climbing aboard the big yellow bus.

Unfortunately this scene did not play out so placidly for one family.  Marques Farley, a sixth grader was on his way to the bus stop around 7 a.m. when he was hit by a 2004 Dodge Neon near the intersection of Wafford Road and Lothridge Lane, reported The Dispatch.

The boy, who enjoys football and listening to music, was rushed to the hospital after the accident.  His mother says he is in a lot of pain with his injuries of two broken legs, but he is expected to recover.  Luckily the first reports by the Highway Patrol spokesman that reported the child had suffered head injuries seems to be premature.  No charges have been filed against the at-fault driver as of yet.  But my thoughts go out to the mother of this young boy and I hope he recovers fully and swiftly.  I can only imagine the grief and worry she must have suffered upon hearing news of the accident.

As the parent or guardian, being prepared to handle this terrible situation will help ensure you and your family receive proper compensation to help cover large medical bills, any permanent scarring or brain damage to your child, and pain and suffering.  As experienced car accident injury attorneys we are prepared to assist you in any way possible.




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