NJ Jury Awards $7.5 Million in Asbestos Verdict

A jury in New Jersey recently awarded a $6.5 million verdict, plus $1 million in punitive damages, to a man who was exposed to asbestos for years, while installing furnaces and boilers. This led to his mesothelioma, the jury agreed.


A Middlesex County NJ jury awarded the damages on Jan. 14, two days after they gave their verdict that found 11 defendants liable for the man’s mesothelioma.

The plaintiff alleged that he was exposed to asbestos for more than a decade from 1973-84, while he worked for Fritz Heating and Cooling of Whippany NJ. The man claimed that he was exposed to asbestos both in the cement and also in other products related to boilers, including gaskets, pipes and ropes.

The plaintiff was awarded $500,000 for pain and suffering, as well as $4.5 million for future pain and suffering. His wife received $1.5 million for loss of services, including $1 million for future loss.

In our experience as mesothelioma personal injury lawyers, we have noted that many companies attempt to downplay the great risks associated with being exposed to asbestos for years. After all, spending money on worker safety costs money.

In the railroad industry, we often see various types of former railroad employees that are diagnosed with mesothelioma decades after they stopped working there. Many types of railroad equipment can contain asbestos insulation, including train engines and many types of related equipment on trains and in rail yards.

Our personal injury law firm has a long history of supporting the legal rights of rail workers and others who are fighting for compensation for their mesothelioma cancer. We are pleased to see the victim in this case has received the financial justice he deserves.


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