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Norfolk, VA Motorcycle Rider Injured by Jeep in Heavy Traffic

A motorcycle rider suffered serious injuries after getting struck by a Jeep Cherokee in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The collision occurred during morning rush on May 13, 2015, at the intersection of First View Street and Orange Avenue, just north of Ocean View Beach and east of the Norfolk Naval Station.



According to news reports, the driver of the larger vehicle was sneaking out into traffic between a row of stopped cars and trucks. The Jeep's driver also had a stop sign in his direction but tried to enter traffic anyway. Police have charged him with failing to yield right of way to the motorcyclist and also with driving on a suspended license.

However those moving violations get resolved, the lesson illustrated by this crash is that people behind the wheels of cars and trucks must take special care to check for approaching motorcycles. Include mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians in that checklist, as well. Especially during spring and summer months, motorcycles, other two-wheelers and people on foot will be common on neighborhood streets and major roads. Their increased numbers will not make them any easier to see, however, so drivers must know to be on the lookout. Then, they must actually take the time and effort to scan intersections, driveways and alley entrances fr bikers and pedestrians.

When a car or truck hits a motorcycle, the injuries to the rider are often severe. Traumatic brain injuries, arm and leg amputations, and permanent physical or mental disabilities are common. Most of the best protection motorcyclists have comes from the attentiveness and consideration of drivers.  


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