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Norfolk, VA Pedestrian Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver on I-264

A hit-and-run collision on the interstate in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), left a pedestrian hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The nearly fatal crash occurred just after midnight on April 11, 2015, and police continue to search for the at-fault driver who appears to have never slowed down after striking the man who was on foot near the entrance to the Berkeley Bridge on I-264. Anyone who witnessed the wreck or may know the identity of the driver who fled the scene without checking on the victim's health or offering assistance is being asked to call the state police at (757) 424-6800.



The severity of the pedestrian's injuries indicate that he became trapped under the vehicle that hit him and was dragged for some distance. Despite days of around-the-clock medical treatment, he remained unable to communicate with investigators three days after the accident.

Finding the driver who ran into and hurt the pedestrian is essential. Victims of hit-and-run drivers often find themselves unjustly harmed twice. After first suffering both the physical injuries and emotional distress of the collision, they must then struggle to overcome the financial hardships created by paying medical bills, losing income from not being able to work and dealing with the costs of ongoing health care. Individuals who injure or disable others by acting negligently or recklessly cannot be allowed to escape their responsibilities for compensating the people they hurt simply by driving away from the damage they inflict.


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