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Norfolk, VA: Crash Involving Semis, Cars Injures Drivers

A collision involving two tractor-trailers and two cars left several people injured in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The multivehicle wreck occurred at the start of afternoon rush hour on June 23, 2015, at the intersection of Northampton Boulevard and Wesleyan Drive, which is at the end of the northbound exit from I-64 and just yards from the Virginia Beach border.



Anyone who has driven through that area, as my Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I do almost every day to reach our offices on nearby Diamond Springs Road, knows that risks for collisions are ever-present. The posted speed limit of 45 leads many drivers to try to beat stoplights rather than slam on their brakes. Also, the short merge lanes, coupled with the necessity of crossing multiple lines of traffic to reach both through lanes and turn lanes, makes paying close attention and exercising good judgment essential. The smallest miscalculation of speed, distance and space to merge can result in a crash, injuries and, sometimes, death.

Exactly what happened to cause this most-recent wreck is unclear. News reports do not indicate whether one of the truck drivers bore responsibility or if a car's driver was at fault. Possible explanations include unsafe lane changes, failing to yield right of way and ignoring a red light. Perhaps a trucker failed to check his blind spots, or a car's driver attempted to cut in front of a semi unexpectedly. Each truck operator and person behind the wheel of a car must also be assessed for impairment by drugs or alcohol.

Answering each of those questions is necessary to allow innocent injury victims file and receive settlements for insurance claims against the at-fault driver. If more than one person's negligence or recklessness contributed to causing the wreck, several individuals can be held liable. Sorting through the evidence and dealing with several insurers can be time-consuming and frustrating, but both are tasks welcomed by plaintiffs' attorneys. To ensure their rights and interest get protected, every person affected by the Northampton multivehicle wreck should request consultations with lawyers.


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