Norfolk, VA Pedestrian Hit, Hurt on Tidewater Dr.

A Norfolk, Virginia (VA), pedestrian went to the hospital with serious injuries after being struck by a car around sunrise on December 4, 2016. The crash happened at the intersection of Tidewater Drive and St. Julian Avenue.



The intersection is controlled by stoplights in all directions, and each corner is marked with crosswalks. No charges were immediately filed against the driver who hit and hurt the pedestrian. If the person crossing the street had right of way, the driver would be in violation of Virginia laws that requires all vehicles to stop or yield for people in crosswalks and who have green lights in their direction. Also, if a full police investigation reveals that the driver was speeding, distracted or temporarily blinded by sun glare, tickets for operating recklessly or negligently could be issued.

Pedestrian safety depends largely on drivers seeing them and responding appropriately. Because a person on foot has none of the physical protections offered by a car, the injuries they suffer when crashed into by a moving vehicle often leave them disabled or dead. It is unclear from news reports if the Norfolk pedestrian struck on Tidewater Drive will make a full recovery, but he undoubtedly faces large medical bills and a long period out of work. Speaking with an experienced and empathetic Virginia personal injury lawyer will help him understand and excise his rights to file insurance claims to secure the financial compensation that will help him get back on his feet.


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