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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Lawyer Info: Seven Hospitalized After VA Beach Fire Truck Wreck

Authorities are investigating a crash between a fire truck and a car at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront shortly before 10 pm on November 5, 2011. Firefighters was responding to a transformer fire when their truck crashed into a car at 19th Street and Pacific Avenue. Four people in the car were rushed to a hospital with injuries, and three injured firefighters also required medical treattmet.

View Larger Map reports that the power was out in the area, which may explain why the wreck occurred.

Driving in an area where power lines are out can be incredibly dangerous. Without electricity, traffic lights and street lights cannot operate they way they should. This incident just goes to show that even the most professionally trained drivers can crash when the conditions aren't right.

When pwer is out, cars must treat all traffic lights as stop signs. Emergency responders have their own rules to follow, includin flashing their lights and sounding their sirens.

It's one thing to have a fire truck nearby when you get into a wreck It's another to have been hit by the truck. As a truck accident attorney, I know how dangerous fire trucks can be when they collide with small cars.


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