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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Lawyer Info: Criminal Charges for Driver Who Hit, Killed Chesapeake Crossing Guard

A school crossing guard named Lovette Person was going about her day, doing her job, when her life came to an abrupt, tragic end. The driver of a Toyota Tundra hit and killed Person in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) outside Western Branch Intermedate School, according to WAVY TV-10.

Person was hit while directing traffic at the intersection of Brittany Way and Terry Drive. She was wearing a reflecting vest. Mrs. Person was only 35 years old when her life was taken.

View a larger map of the area where a Chesapeake, VA crossing guard was killed 

Our deepest condolences go out to the Person family. Losing someone you love is never easy, but the pain is even worse when they are taken from you in a sudden accident. The family is probably feeling a combination of sorrow and outrage at the circumstances of this terrible accident. The driver of the truck claimed that the sun was in his eyes. Nevertheless, police charged the truck driver with reckless driving, according to the WAVY article.

The Person family should consult with a wrongful death attorney in Virginia to discuss their legal options. The situation here allows a claim against the insurance company for the driver, beyond the workers' compensation benefits, as the loss of life happened on the job. However, the workers' compinsurer will have a right to seek pay back out of the lawsuit against the truck driver.

To learn more about what rights and legal options exist when a person is wrongfully killed in a VA accident, read this consumer report on Virginia wrongful death law.    

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