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Car Hits Norfolk, Virginia (VA) Student in School Zone

Every morning, thousands of drivers wind through neighborhood roads on their way to work. At the very same time, thousands of children are also crossing those roads on their way to school. These two worlds sometimes collide tragically when a child is struck by a car.

In Norfolk, Virginia (VA), a child was struck at the intersection of Princess Anne Road and Merrimac Avenue, which is a school zonefor Richard Bolling Elementary.

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As a
Virginia child injury lawyer and mother, my heart goes out to the child and her parents. The best VA personal injury attorneys would look at this case and know that the child will have serious injuries that may lower her quality of life for a long time.

A similar case my firm handled in Norfolk involved a school teacher using a crosswalk to get across a street. He suffered a fractured heel and broken lower leg bone when he was struck by a distracted driver. Our key legal strategy involved analyzing VA law pertaining to pedestrians and crosswalks. We were prepared to show the insurance company that the right of way was in favor of the pedestrian and that the at-fault had driver failed to keep a proper lookout. After outlining all of this, we obtained the maximum payout allowable under the at-fault driver's insurance policy. 

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