Norfolk Virginia (VA) Worker Trapped in Hole at Work Site

When a worker gets injured on the job most people turn to worker’s compensation insurance.  But are Virginia (VA) workers limited to workers compensation?  Not if the cause of the accident is because of a negligent employer or manufacturers of defective or unsafe equipment and products then there may be an opportunity for a personal injury case.  In Norfolk, Virginia (VA) a worker was trapped in an excavator when it fell into a large hole that was hidden by debris.  The demolition crew was working to take down an old hotel when the accident occurred.

I'm sure it was quite terrifying for the worker to be trapped inside the machinery and plunged into a dark hole.  The worker was taken to the hospital to be checked out and I’m sure both he and his family are wondering why he wasn’t told of a hole on the premises that was large enough to swallow an entire excavator. The injured worker should consult with an
experienced Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyer since it sounds like he was hurt while working on a construction project with multiple contractors.
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