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North Carolina Doctor Under Siege for Home Birth-Related Deaths

A physician in Asheville, North Carolina is currently being investigated by the medical board for the state for deaths of three infants just after home births he performed. He also was sued in a birth injury lawsuit in 2007.

The child in question in the latter case was born in October 2005 and her parents alleged in the suit that their daughter was permanently disabled due to substandard medical treatment performed the doctor.

The lawsuit notes that the child suffered permanent injuries and cannot use her left hand or arm. The suit also claims that the infant sustained several skull fractures, although there was no neurological damage.

That medical malpractice lawsuit alleges several incidents of negligent behavior in the 2005 birth. For example, the physician is accused of continuing to use forceps and a vacuum extractor even though using those devices had already failed in that case. He also is accused of not doing a cesarean section in time to prevent injury to the infant.

The doctor also has been ordered to stop delivering babies by the NC Medical Board as they continue to investigate three infant deaths that died shortly after the home births he performed.

The birth of your child is supposed to be one of life’s greatest joys. Yet as personal injury lawyers, we often see parents who must instead agonize over a serious injury to their child due to negligent medical care. Some of the most common birth injuries are:

·         Brachial plexus

·         Cerebral palsy

·         C-section injury

·         Forceps injury

·         Lack of oxygen

Our personal injury law firm recently worked on a birth injury case involving arm and shoulder injuries similar to the above case. In that case, we were able to secure a $2.3 million jury verdict. If you suspect your infant was injured due to negligent medical care, you should speak to a personal injury attorney to review options.

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