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Jogger Critically Injured by Red Light Runner in Holly Springs, NC

A crash blamed on a teen driver who ignored a stop signal and did not give way to pedestrians crossing a major road legally left a jogger fighting for his life in a North Carolina hospital. The pedestrian crash occurred just after 6 am on April 20, 2015, in the town of Holly Springs, NC.



Police determined that accident victim had a green light in his direction while using a crosswalk at the intersection of Holly Springs Road and Linksland Drive. The 19 year old driver who caused the collision has been charged with running a red light, failing to yield right of way, reckless driving and other offenses related to carrying an expired driver's permit and injuring another person while operating a motor vehicle.

News reports did not include details on the types of injuries the jogger suffered. My North Carolina personal injury law firm colleagues and I know from helping victims of similar wrecks, however, that pedestrian struck by cars or trucks often sustain broken legs, traumatic brain injuries and torn muscles. Recovering from any of those kind of wounds can take months, and the possibility of lifelong complications, including physical and mental disabilities, exists.

We wish the injured jogger a full and rapid return to health. Even more, we want every driver to watch for and yield right of way to pedestrians. People on foot have no physical protection against a car or truck, so their safety rests in driver's hands.


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