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North Carolina Keeps Roads Safe with State-Wide Booze it Or Lose It Campaign

Recently, North Carolina coordinated statewide St. Patrick's Day Booze It or Lose It Campaign and many drivers who mistakenly got behind the wheel after drinking alcohol found themselves stopped at many of the drunk-driving checkpoints that were set up. I am sure that this reduced the amount of serious injuries and drunk driver deaths that occur every year due to drinking and driving.

Transportation Secretary Gene Conti says the campaign ran the entire 24 hour period on St Patty's day and it involved checkpoints as well as increased patrols. Stiff penalties where imposed, including loss of driving privileges if you were caught driving while drunk.

Safety officials say St. Patrick's Day is often associated with alcohol use. About 150 alcohol-related crashes and four deaths occurred in North Carolina during the week of March 17, 2010. It's recommended to have designated drivers or taxi services for those celebrating with alcohol. Secretary Conti has even asked its citizens to get involved and that if you see anyone who appears to be a drunk driver on the road that you should make a call to the police.
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