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North Carolina Motorcycle Rider Killed in Crash Caused by Pickup Driver

A pickup driver's failure to yield right of way to an oncoming motorcycle rider while making a left-hand turn in Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC), resulted in an fatal accident near Fort Bragg. The motorcyclist who lost his life was a U.S. Army veteran who was preparing for his second deployment to Afghanistan. The sergeant had also served in Iraq.

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According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the truck driver has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle in connection with the March 7, 2012, crash that took the life of the Pennsylvania (PA) native.

Regardless of whether the pickup truck driver is ultimately convicted or pleads guilty, the fatal accident illustrates two constant dangers for both bikers and drivers. The first is that left-hand turns are near the top of the list of situations that can lead to crashes resulting in injuries and death. Any person turning left across the path of oncoming traffic must wait until the path is clear before entering the intersection. When drivers do not give themselves enough time and space to turn safely, tragedy often results.

The second sad truth to emerge from this fatal accident in North Carolina is that people behind the wheels of cars and truck often fail to watch for motorcycles. "I didn't see him," is no excuse or defense for hitting a motorcyclist. Drivers must always be on the lookout for bike riders and accord motorcycles all the respect they would give larger vehicles.

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