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North Carolina Nursing Home Residents Fall Ill With Virus

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, numerous people have become infected throughout North Carolina with a norovirus, including at least 20 residents at two nursing homes in Forsyth County. The virus is spread by eating or drinking contaminated food or liquids and by touching an infected surface. The best way to avoid catching or spreading the virus is to wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Using hand sanitizer is not recommended because the active ingredient may not kill this type of virus. Because it is a strong virus, using diluted bleach or a household cleaner containing bleach is the best option for cleaning any infected areas.

Anyone who has the virus is advised to stay home while they have symptoms and for three days after the symptoms have cleared because they may still be contagious. The two affected nursing homes are trying to minimalize the spread of the virus by keeping patients in their rooms.

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Stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are the most common symptoms. Less common symptoms include head and muscle aches, fever or chills, or lack of energy. While these symptoms are generally not life-threatening to healthy adults, seniors may suffer more severely and require medical attention for dehydration, especially if the staff is negligent in monitoring them sufficiently.

Please check on your loved ones in nursing homes and make sure they are not suffering from this illness. If they have been infected and are not receiving the proper treatment, contact a North Carolina nursing home neglect attorney to discuss your lega options. A random infection may not lead to nursing home negligence liability. However, if a lack of proper sanitation or a breakdown in acceptable nursing methods caused a mass outbreak of infection or other medical complications, then negligence liability may be imposed.


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