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  • Youth Football League Requires Doctor’s Note For Concussions The largest youth football association in America has announced new rules for its young players: kids will need to see a doctor and be cleared to play after any head injury, brain injury, or concussion.
  • Carolina Driver Receives Head Injury In Highway 1 Car Accident A South Carolina man suffered a traumatic head injury after crashing his car while trying to escape police. The man was speeding, driving recklessly, and driving while intoxicated.
  • Does Your Child’s School Have A Concussion Policy? More and more schools are drawing up policies involving student athletes and head injuries like concussions. Some schools require that injured students go to the emergency room, while others will suspend athletes from games and practices while they recover.
  • Workers Suffer Severe Head Trauma in Craven County, North Carolina Construction Accident Rick Shapiro recently blogged about a terrible construction accident on an overpass in Craven County, North Carolina. Three workers were seriously hurt with major injuries, one suffered a traumatic brain injury when an RV caught a hanging cable along highway 70. If you want a no-cost confidential consult with an experienced injury trial attorney handling industrial accidents involving falls and traumatic brain injury, please contact our law firm toll free at 800-752-0042 to allow us to evaluate whether the claim meets our criteria.
  • Restaurant Ornament Falls on Customer, Causes Mild Traumatic Brain Injury A customer at a restaurant suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after an ornament fell from the ceiling and hit their head. They suffered memory loss, dizziness, and confusion as a result. A personal injury claim was filed against the restaurant. Did the victim win this case? Find out in this article.
  • Karr Completes Skateboarding Trip To Raise Brain Injury Awareness A head injury victim completed a skateboarding trip across North Carolina in order to raise money for others suffering from the effects of a traumatic brain injury. The man raised an estimated $10,000 during his journey that also strove to create greater awareness for head injury victims.
  • Expert: Neck Strengthening Should Be Mandatory In Sports To Reduce Head Injury If you or a loved one has suffered a sports injury, contact a Virginia personal injury attorney to find out how damages can be pursued.
  • North Carolina Study: Brace Yourself To Reduce Brain Injury A new study out of North Carolina that focused on youth hockey players has determined that bracing for collisions can help reduce the severity of head injuries and brain injuries.
  • Nashville, North Carolina School Bus Crash Causes Head Injury NC Highway Patrol investigated a school bus wreck in Nashville, North Carolina where one of the accident victims incurred a head/brain injury and was taken to the Nash General Hospital. Although some car crash fender benders seem minor, they can leave grave after-effects such as brain damage/injury. If you have been injured in a car wreck, then you should consult with us. We promise to treat you like family, not like a number. Call us to see what we mean at 1-800-752-0042 and take a moment to review our website filled with free consumer guides, articles, and videos.