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North Carolina Reckless Driving and Road Rage Caught on Video

As North Carolina (NC) car injury attorneys we know that many times a car accident is just that, an accident.  While the responsibility still remains with the at-fault driver there was likely no real malice involved in the actions that led to the traffic collision. But sometimes, as in the video below, there are car accidents that involve deliberate negligent actions from a driver that lead to a car accident and serious injury.  In many instances, road rage has caused the serious injury of a driver and passengers in one car simply because of a perception on the aggressor’s part that the victim was impeding his progress.

In Randleman, North Carolina a woman and her young child were on the road when a SUV tried to pass her in a no pass zone and nearly ran her off the road.  The SUV was unable to pass the first time and made a second attempt.  When the reckless driver made the second attempt the woman let her have the road and called 911, reported her and her plate number.  Then she set her phone in a holder on her dashboard and began to take a phone video.  The SUV driver then stops in the middle of the road, gets out and begins to scream and bang on the woman’s driver side window, the cries of her scared child are heard in the background.

This incident is a clear example of road rage and reckless driving, luckily the woman and her child made it through the episode without harm and the SUV driver was charged with criminal and traffic violations. Unfortunately not all cases turn out as well for the victim, road rage is becoming a very common occurrence. A report commissioned by AAA revealed over 10,000 car accidents have been caused by some form of road rage.  Out of those car accidents 13,000 people were injured and 218 were killed.

As we have seen so many times before, reckless driving often leads to deadly tragedies. Driving too fast for conditions, ignoring traffic signals and stop signs, or passing in a no–pass zone can lead to terrible consequences.


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