Anytime you are a passenger in a vehicle, the responsibility for your safety rests with the driver. As adults, we can choose who we get into vehicles with. Children, however, have no such ability, and when we put our children on the school bus, we expect them to be safe. This is not always the case, as was made apparent in a recent Salisbury, North Carolina (NC), school bus accident.

The school bus driver was cited for causing the accident. Thankfully, none of the children suffered serious injuries, but the accident raises the question of how well trained school bus drivers are.

In an effort to end child injuries across the board and put an end to bus and school-related accidents, ask your child’s principal the following questions:

  • Are school bus drivers trained, regulated and monitored?
  • Is playground equipment checked each and every school year?
  • Do all classrooms have safety rules in place?
  • Are students trained on emergency procedures?
  • Are all classrooms secured?

As North Carolina personal injury attorneys, my colleagues and I know that if your child is a passenger injured in a car or school bus accident, you don’t have to sue the driver. You can instead file a claim against the driver’s insurance.¬†Child injury lawsuits are a little different than adult injury cases, and we recommend that anyone interested in finding more information about child injuries read our free consumer guide¬†Child Injury Guide: What To Do If Child Gets Hurt in an Accident.