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NC Car Accident Injury Attorneys: North Carolina Teens Hold Safe Driving Summit

The best NC distracted driving car accident injury lawyersThe group JoCo Teen Drivers, based in Johnson County, held a summit in order to increase awareness of dangerous driving behaviors such as texting while driving, speeding and driving while drunk.  The organization was created after Johnston County lost twenty-three teens in car accidents between 2008-2012, making it the fourth-highest county in North Carolina for teen driving fatalities. The event featured several speakers and was given with the support of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Car accidents, injuries and deaths that result from dangerous driving behaviors are particularly tragic, due to the fact that they are easily preventable: many crashes and injuries, for instance, could have been prevented if the driver simply was not texting at the time. Our NC personal injury attorneys have extensive firsthand experience with how distracted and irresponsible driving can cause car crashes, particularly amongst teens. In fact, a recent study showed that teenagers are especially likely to engage in distracted driving while on the road.

As mentioned above, distracted driving is almost totally preventable. The North Carolina DMV estimates that distracted driving is the second-most common cause of accidents and wrecks. To help drivers understand the dangers of this behavior, our North Carolina personal injury attorneys have put together a detailed legal report on the risks and statistics of distracted driving; click here to download it.


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