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North Carolina Truck Accident Injures Truck Driver and Four in Car

Five people were hospitalized following an accident involving a semi and a passenger car at the intersection of NC 16 and Lucia Riverbend Highway in Lucia, North Carolina (NC).

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The Gaston Gazette reported that a Chrysler Sebring was waiting at a red light when it was rear-ended by the tractor-trailer right before noon on February 20, 2012. The occupants of the car included a 39-year-old man, a 3-year-old boy, an 83-year-old woman and one other passenger. The semi driver was also taken to the hospital for treatment.

While the investigation into this accident is not complete, it appears the truck driver failed to slow down or stop before crashing into the back of the car. Accidents such as this are often caused by drivers who are distracted by a phone call, the radio or a snack. By the time the driver turns his attention back to the road, it is too late to avoid an accident. This may or may not be the case in this accident.

The passengers who were unfortunately injured or their families may want to contact a North Carolina truck crash attorney so that when the investigation is complete, they will know what action can be taken.

This information about truck accidents from an experienced North Carolina truck accident attorney explains some of the differences between car accidents and truck accidents.

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