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North Carolina Woman Horrified over Aunt’s Death In a Nursing Home

NC nursing home abuse lawyersImagine going to a relative’s funeral and discovering that her death could have been prevented. That is exactly what happened to a North Carolina woman when she attended her aunt’s funeral in New York. Her aunt had been living in a nursing home in New York. According to the Journal News, an aide attempted to move her alone, even though her care plan said she should not be moved without help or a medical lift. The aide dropped her, breaking her leg, spine, and nose in the fall. Before getting medical help for the victim, the aide made a co-worker promise to lie and say she was helping move the woman when she fell. The elderly woman died at a hospital two hours later. Both aides have been charged with felonies.

It is exactly this type of horror story that makes people very nervous about leaving their loved ones in the care of others in a nursing home or long-term care facility. While there are many places that provide quality care to their residents, nursing home abuse and neglect is far more commonplace than it should be. A wrongful death or negligence lawsuit will never bring back a loved one or erase injuries that occurred, but they can offer some closure by allowing family members to learn the truth about what happened. Any monetary damages received can help cover the cost of medical or funeral expenses. Damages also serve as a penalty to the nursing home and its employees, which may deter them from allowing such abuse or negligence to occur again.

Our North Carolina nursing home attorneys have provided this guide to countless other families whose relatives have been abused or neglected in a nursing home or long-term care facility. It cover multiple topics including signs of abuse or neglect, the statute of limitations on nursing home abuse claims, and what legal options are available to you or your loved one.



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