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Northern Virginia Police Strive to Prevent Truck Accidents

Police officers around Northern Virginia gathered at a local park in Chantilly, VA in late May in their annual effort to reduce truck crashes in Fairfax County.

Some of the agencies who participated included Fairfax County police, Virginia State Police and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Police officers posted themselves along Route 28 in Chantilly and pulled big rigs off the road for a complete safety inspection. Some of the components they checked included lighting, steering and brakes. They also checked to see if the truckers had valid commercial licenses.

According to one of the officers, they saw many problems with brakes and tires. If the officers spotted any problems, the driver had to stay at the site and get the problem fixed.

This operation, which was on May 28, involved dozens of safety inspections. Most truck drivers were appreciative of having any safety issues brought to their attention, the police said.

Tractor trailer crashes are common around Washington DC and Northern Virginia, and local police will continue to conduct these spot inspections to improve public safety.

 Our Virginia personal injury law firm specializes in representing the victims of truck accidents. Many of these accidents involve trucks in poor mechanical condition.

One of our cases in 2003 involved a big rig that had worn, bald tires and crashed into our client’s car. The worn tire treads increased the braking distance of the big rig and led to the truck

smashing into our client’s vehicle. Our client had major injuries to his legs and he also had major bouts of depression as he dealt with his injuries. He could not return to his old job.

We brought in an engineer who was able to prove in court that the tractor trailer was poorly maintained and this fact contributed to our client’s injuries. The case settled for $650,000.

We strongly support aggressive police efforts to improve truck safety all over the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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