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One Dead and Seven Hurt in Church Van Wreck in South Carolina

Police in Loris, South Carolina (SC) continue to investigate an accident involving a church van from North Carolina and a pickup truck that killed a woman and sent seven others to a local hospital.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the crash happened last Tuesday afternoon outside the town of Loris NC near the state line.

They added that the church van apparently ran a stop sign and was hit by a pickup truck. A passenger in the van died at the scene.

The van’s driver and the other passengers in the van were sent to the hospital.

Our personal injury law firm has represented many clients who have lost loved ones in car and truck accidents over the years. Anyone who has suffered such a tragedy has our deepest condolences. Depending upon the circumstances of the crash, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who may have caused the accident.

In most states, a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed by a personal representative of the victim, which may be the executor of that person’s estate. If the person who died was young, he or she may not have had a will, so any family member that may be a beneficiary could be the personal representative.

Beneficiaries in a wrongful death lawsuit can pursue several types of damages, such as expected loss of income, loss of services/protection/car, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and mental anguish and loss of solace.

To prevail in such a case, your personal injury legal team must prove in court that the at fault person or company was negligent. In the above case, it must be proven in court that the van driver failed to follow established rules of the road, such as stopping at a stop sign.


Whatever the outcome of this case, it is a clear reminder to all of us to obey all traffic rules at all times. Just one small mistake can end a life.

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