One Dies in Truck Vs. Train Crash in IL

Police in Alton, IL confirmed yesterday that one person died after an Amtrak train slammed into a pickup truck at a railroad crossing. The driver of the truck died at the scene.

Amtrak reported that the train was carrying 230 passengers when the crash occurred.

According to witnesses, the truck drove through the railroad crossing signal and the train hit it at least 40 mph.

The track was cleared a few hours later and Union Pacific Railroad was called to the scene to make repairs to the track.

This is yet another unfortunate and needless tragedy at a railroad crossing gate, which is happening all too often across America today. Many drivers risk their lives and those of the passengers on the train by trying to beat the train at a railroad crossing. This rarely turns out well for the driver, and we hope this incident serves as a potent reminder to all drivers.

Still, we have worked on railroad injury personal injury cases where the train company and/or the operator of the train was at fault. Most railroads set a maximum train speed, and federal regulations also set maximum speeds. There also are federal regulations that apply as to when a horn has to be blasted at a railroad crossing. So, if you or a loved one is in a railroad crossing incident, you should consult with an attorney to determine if the train company and operator followed all state and federal regulations.

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