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One Man Died in Hickory NC Dump Truck Crash

One Man Died in Hickory NC Dump Truck Crash

The North Carolina State Police stated April 10 that at least one man died when a dump truck and a black SUV crashed. The wreck occurred on Friday afternoon on Kool Park Road, near a mobile home park.

The police have not released much information about the wreck, but they did confirm that it was a fatal accident. They also noted that dump truck was carrying a full load of soil, and both vehicles were totaled.

We greatly regret the loss of life in this tragic wreck. Our personal injury firm has worked on many cases involving a deadly crash between a truck and a regular passenger vehicle. In one of our truck crash cases, a dump truck slammed into our client’s car. We were able to prove in court that the truck had bald tires. In the accident, the treads tore off the tires and caused the accident.

Our legal team hired an engineer who was an expert in vehicle dynamics who studied the truck and its bald tires. We also had an economist determine that our client would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in income in future years, as her injuries forced her to stop working. We settled this truck crash case for $650,000.


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