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One NC Driver Killed, Another Injured by Same Car While Offering Assistance

What Happened:

Another case of a Good Samaritan losing his life while trying to help a fellow driver occurred in Barco, NC at the corner of Short Cut Rd. and Barco Rd. on July 12, 2012.


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A man noticed a stalled truck in the intersection and stopped to help. The driver of a semi also stopped to help, but a smaller truck crashed into the stalled truck and both of the men trying to help. Tragically, Adrian Kinyanjui Njugana died at the scene and Donald Bennett was seriously injured.

The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

It is in most humans’ nature to assist someone if they can. The victims of this accident should be commended for trying to help another driver, and their families should be proud. However, right now, Mr. Njugana’s family is probably feeling sadness and a profound sense of loss and Mr. Bennett’s family is hoping that he recovers quickly and completely. At times like this, it is hard enough to come to terms with the reality of losing a loved one, let alone trying to deal with accident reports, insurance companies, and investigators. An experienced North Carolina car accident attorney can relieve some of the stress of dealing with the facts of the case so the family can spend more time comforting the victim and each other and remembering the one they loved.

Potentially Helpful Info:

Our firm has handled numerous wrongful death cases including this car accident case that was settled for $2.4 million. While no amount of money will bring a loved one back or stop the pain of losing someone, it can help ease the financial burden of lost wages, medical bills and funeral expenses, as well as provide for a victim’s grieving spouse and children.

Have Questions? Check Out Our Firm’s FAQs:

These answers from experienced NC wrongful death attorneys may help with some of the questions you may have if you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another.




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