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One person injured in three-car wreck in Lynchburg

What happened:

One person was injured in a crash in Lynchburg, VA that involved a truck and two cars.  The crash occurred on Timberlake Road and began when a truck ran into the back of a car.  This, in turn, caused the car to run into the back of another car.  The driver of the first car was injured and the driver of the truck has been charged with reckless driving.

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The Virginia Injury Lawyers Perspective:

As experienced personal injury lawyers in Virginia, we have had many clients who were injured in accidents just like this one. It is our understanding that the driver who was injured is expected to be okay. That is very good news to hear, although sadly, it does not always turn out that way.  All too often, people suffer serious injuries when they are in a car that is hit from behind by another car, truck or van.  Too many times, people drive too fast, follow too closely and don’t pay enough attention to the road in front of them, often resulting in rear-end collisions. Anybody in this situation should certainly speak to a personal injury lawyer to discuss their options regarding a personal injury claim.

Potentially Helpful Info:

Our experienced personal injury lawyers are assisting clients every day who have been injured in rear-end collisions.  For instance, we represented a client who suffered serious neck injuries in a rear-end collision.  We helped our client obtain a substantial settlement for injuries suffered as well as compensation for loss of earning potential.  To learn more about filing a claim due to car accident injuries in Virginia, please see this free guide prepared by our personal injury lawyers.

Have Questions? Check Out Our Firm’s FAQ’s:

If you have any additional questions about personal injury claims in Virginia, please see our firm’s FAQ page.


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