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Out-of-Control Semi Kills 2 in Car in Newton, NC

A tractor-trailer driver's attempt to avoid one crash near the intersection of Highway 10 and Jarrett Farm Road in Newton, North Carolina (NC), created a fatal head-on collision and significant property damage. The fatal wreck occurred on the morning of June 21, 2015, when the semi operator reportedly swerved to miss a vehicle in front of him, overcorrected, lost control and crossed into the path of an oncoming car. Two people in the smaller vehicle lost their lives in the resulting crash.



Making contact with the car did not significantly slow the big rig, which careened through three nearby yards while barely missing the houses and before eventually smashing into a parked car. Both the family members of the deceased victims and the owners of the torn-up lots and totaled car may have grounds for filing insurance claims and initiating lawsuits. The semi driver may bear liability if he or was speeding, distracted, falling asleep behind the wheel or impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Other responsible parties may include the company that owns the tractor-trailer and the driver of the vehicle the truck driver tried unsuccessfully to steer around. The trucking company would be responsible in a situation where the brakes on the big rig were poorly maintained or when it required the driver to exceed maximum hours of service without proper rest periods. The person in the first vehicle that wound up uninvolved in the wreckage could be determined to be responsible if he or she cut off the truck by turning unexpectedly or running a stop signal. Importantly, a combination of factors may have led to the wreck, making multiple people and companies liable.

Completing the investigation into the deadly truck crash may take a week or more. Waiting for answers will no doubt prove difficult for the loved ones of the people who lost their lives. Figuring out exactly what happened is essential, however, for receiving adequate compensation from the individuals and/or corporations who owe it. Whatever the official police report shows, the people who lost family members and those who had their property damaged should consider consulting with experienced North Carolina plaintiffs' attorneys to ensure their rights and interests are fully represented and protected.


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