Three young women from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (SC), young women were run over while camping at a music festival before dawn on July 16, 2011. According to, one of the women was killed, and the others were seriously injured.

The group was asleep in a tent at the All Good Music festival in Masontown, West Virginia (WV). A GMC truck lost control going downhill and began taking out tents, cars and, ultimately, the women. The camper who lost her life was just 20 years old.

A tragedy like this one is simply incomprehensible. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. As a Virginia personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen far too many senseless accidents like this. Considering how young the victims are makes things all the more tragic.

Not all the details about this accident have been released, but we can assume a few factors probably played a part in the crash. The late hour of the wreck, combined with the party atmosphere of a music festival made for a deadly mix. When you factor in the hilly terrain of mountainous West Virginia, it’s not surprising an accident like this one occurred. It’s surprising that the festival organizers didn’t take precautions to more clearly separate tents from the roadway. Still, there’s only so much one can do to prevent gravity and a truck that’s lost control.

Still, the victim’s family may choose to seek compensation for their loss. As experienced wrongful death attorneys, we’ve fought and won many cases where the victim lost their life through no fault of their own.