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Overturned Tractor-Trailer Spills Ammonium Nitrate in Virginia (VA)

When a tractor-trailer roars by your car on I-64 in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton or Newport News, Virginia (VA), you may only afford it a passing glance. If you were a Virginia personal injury attorney, though, you would realize just how dangerous big trucks are and keep a closer eye on them while sharing the road.

On the Route 23 Bypass in Gate City, VA, a
tractor-trailer driver was too impatient to stay behind slower traffic and tried to pass two cars in the left-hand lane. I don't know if the guy thought he was a NASCAR driver or what, but his gold medal dreams quickly fell apart when he lost control of his truck and the trailer detached itself from the cab and landed in the path of oncoming traffic.

To top it off, the guy was hauling ammonium nitrate used to make fertilizer. The chemical is also an ingredient in explosives, and it scattered all over one of the regions busiest roads. No one reported injuries, but the tractor-trailer 
driver's negligent and reckless behavior could have easily resulted in a fatal highway accident.

Truck crashes happen far too often, and just because a truck accident and truck accident injury claim may be different or more difficult than a car accident injury doesn't mean you should stop pursuing your valid insurance claim. Our personal injury law firm specializes in
truck accident injury cases, and we can assist you along every step of the way toward justice. We have also created a guide for victims who are looking for information about truck accidents: THE Guide to Truck Crash Injuries: What To Do If Hurt in a Truck Wreck.


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