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Parasailing Crash Victims Win Undisclosed Settlement

Two teenagers from Indiana suffered irreversible brain damage and other injuries in a parasailing accident in Florida in 2013, and now they have reached a settlement in the resulting lawsuit.

Two 17 year-old girls were left in critical condition after a July 1, 2013 incident where their parasail snapped free of its tow boat in Panama City, FL. Both girls were left soaring through the air, and eventually smashed against a condominium, before crashing into a parked car.

The girls’ lawyers have not revealed the amount of the settlement, but they noted that both of them will live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Still, even after a long rehabilitation period and several surgeries, both young women are struggling with the consequences of their injuries. Both suffered substantial brain damage and can only read at a grade school level. One of them suffered permanent vision damage, as well.

Five defendants were named in the lawsuit, including the parasailing operation, another business on the beach, the manufacturer of the rope, the wholesaler of the rope and the condo into which the girls smashed.

There are no current federal regulations governing parasailing, and the NTSB recommends that all such operators be licensed by the US Coast Guard.

As experienced personal injury lawyers on brain injury cases, we are pleased to see that both young ladies will get the medical care that they need for the balance of their lives. We have seen so many cases over the years – from truck accidents to car crashes – where the recklessness of a company or operator led to severe brain injuries and even death of innocent people.

We hope that the US government begins to regulate the parasailing industry so that these tragedies might be avoided.  

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