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Parked Richmond Motorcyclists Injured by Passing Tractor Trailer

At least one motorcyclist died and five others were injured after a tractor trailer plowed into a group of parked bikers along the shoulder of I-85 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Some of the motorcyclists were from Richmond, and the one who died was from Maryland.

According to one witness, the big rig drifted from the middle lane on I-85 south and went off the road, slamming into the six motorcycles. One biker died at the scene, and two others standing on the shoulder were seriously hurt. Three others had minor injuries.

North Carolina State Police stated that the truck driver did not seem to be impaired, but may have fallen asleep at the wheel. He has been charged with Felony Hit and Run, and Misdemeanor Death.

Our entire personal injury law firm staff sends our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased in this tragedy. Our most solemn duty in our law firm is when we are requested to represent the family of a person who was killed due to the possible negligence of another party.

Our law firm has worked on many cases involving wrongful death and tractor trailers.

We understand how difficult settling these types of cases can be. Trucking companies have deep pockets and they and their insurance companies will do their best to limit payouts, even when the truck driver or company clearly is in the wrong. Our firm has in the past handled a $21 million structured settlement for a child who suffered severe brain injuries when a big rig smashed into her family’s car.

It is our hope that these types of large settlements will serve as a stark warning to all trucking companies and drivers: Be 100% aware of what you are doing behind the wheel of your big rig at all times. One moment’s inattention can lead to devastating personal and financial consequences for dozens or even hundreds of people.


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