What Happened:

A woman was killed when the passenger in her car grabbed the steering wheel, causing the car to slam into an oncoming vehicle. The driver, a 27 year old woman, was driving a Honda Accord in the westbound lane of N.C. 53 in Wilmington when the car crashed into a Dodge Durango traveling eastbound. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The Durango was being driven by a young pregnant mother with two toddlers in her vehicle. All three were taken to the hospital with injuries.

 According to a report in the Gaston Gazette, police say that the passenger may have made statements to witnesses at the scene which could implicate him in the fatal crash. He has been charged with second degree murder for the crash that killed the victim, a young mother. He was also charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, battery on an unborn child and driving without a license.


N.C. 53 in Wilmington

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 The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

In North Carolina, the law states that the operator of the vehicle is the person who is in control of that vehicle. If a passenger grabs the steering wheel, at that point, they are taking over the operation of the vehicle and could be held legally responsible for what happens. A young boy is now left without his mother because of the passenger’s reckless behavior. Although criminal charges have been filed, we know, as North Carolina wrongful death attorneys, that at-fault drivers can many times be held responsible for the suffering and loss they have caused.