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Distracted Driving Leads to I-40 Crash Near Raleigh in Which Passenger Loses Arm

A single-car accident near the Highway 96 onramp to I-40 in Johnston County, North Carolina (NC), caused the amputation of a passenger's arm. Police say the driver lost control of the vehicle shortly after becoming distracted, ran off the road, overcorrected and swerved into a guardrail. After initially cooperating with emergency responders, law enforcement officials said, the at-fault driver fled the scene.



Distracted driving, hit-and-run and possibly other charges are now pending against the man who was behind the wheel during the early evening of June 18, 2014, crash south of Raleigh. Authorities do not know exactly how the passenger came to be injured so badly, but the victim's limb could not be saved.

Compounding the mistake of taking one's eyes and mind off the road by abandoning the victim of the accident resulting from that distraction is inexcusable. However, Star News, the daily newspaper for Wilmington, where both men involved in the accident live, reported that the at-fault driver has previously been convicted for causing a hit-and-run collision and for injuring another person with a vehicle.

Unfortunately, the individual hurt in this car crash faces a long and difficult recovery. His early progress toward resuming his regular day-to-activities have only been needlessly complicated by the driver's irresponsible decision to flee. Fortunately, police have the identity of the driver, and it appears likely he will be located and held accountable. We hope that happens soon.


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