A car was traveling along East Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia (VA) when the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle and wound up slamming into a lamp pole at the intersection of East Ocean View Ave. and Chesapeake Blvd. As a result, the driver and a passenger were hurt while another passenger suffered life-threatening injuries, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

The details of what exactly caused the car to crash into the lamp pole have not been released, but the early reports indicate speeding by the driver may have been a factor. At this time, police are determining whether or not to file charges.

For the passengers who suffered injuries, a decision will need to be made about filing a personal injury claim against the driver. This can be a very delicate, and sometimes awkward, situation since the driver may be a good friend or family member. Nevertheless, if you’re facing large medical bills and a protracted rehabilitation period, you should strongly consider filing an injury claim.

Keep in mind, when you file a claim, it’s not a personal attack against the driver (i.e. your friend/relative). You are simply filing a claim against their insurance policy. This is necessary to ensure your medical bills, any lost wages, and pain and suffering are properly compensated.