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Passenger Killed in Burlington, NC Pull-Out Crash

Failing to yield right of way while attempting to cross a busy local road during evening rush hour led to the death of a car's passenger in Burlington, North Carolina (NC). The August 18, 2015, wreck also left the at-fault driver and the man behind of the wheel of the other vehicle involved in the T-bone crash injured and in need of hospital treatment.




The collision occurred at the intersection of U.S. 70/S. Church Street and Carolina Avenue, which changes name to Willowbrook Road on the other side of the highway. The woman who did not wait for the way to clear before pulling out into traffic now faces preliminary charges of failure to see an approaching car and for causing a death while operating a motor vehicle.

Regardless of the fact that the at-fault driver likely knew or was related to the deceased victim, she will not get an automatic pass from police on acting negligently or recklessly and creating a deadly situation. The same holds true for civil liability. Her car insurance policy can be asked to cover accident-related expenses for the spouse or children of the man who lost his life, as well as for the injured person in the other car. Wrongful death claims for compensation on the grounds of loss of companionship, financial support and emotional comfort could also be sought.

This subject is undoubtedly unwelcome, but insurance exists to allow those who harm others to make financial amends. That holds true even when a victim and an at-fault driver have a friendship or family relationship.


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