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Passenger Killed in Greenville, NC T-Bone Crash

A T-bone crash on S. Memorial Drive in Greenville, North Carolina (NC), left one woman dead and three people hospitalized with injuries. The deadly two-car collision happened at around 7:30 pm on January 3, 2017.



The woman who lost her life was a passenger in a car that was attempting to cross the five-lane highway to get from a hotel to a business. An approaching car slammed into the side of the crossing vehicle, injuring both drivers and a person in the oncoming car.

Police told reporters that they intend to file charges, but they did not say which driver they believed to be at fault. It is possible that both drivers acted negligently, perhaps by failing to yield right of way and by speeding.

Learning which person caused the fatal crash will help the family members of the deceased woman know which insurance policy to file wrongful death claims against. And if both drivers do bear some responsibility, they may have the option to file multiple claims. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney will help them stay fully informed of what crash investigators find. Hiring a legal advocate will also protect their rights and interests while dealing with insurance company representatives.


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