A truck was traveling down Route 132 in Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) when a serious accident occurred injuring a passenger in the vehicle. The crash happened at the intersection of Route 132 and Visitors Center Drive. The driver of the truck reportedly ran off the road and slammed into a large tree, according to the Virginia Gazette. 

The brunt of the damage was inflicted on the passenger side of the truck. In fact, the passenger had to be extricated (i.e. removed) from the vehicle with the help of the Williamsburg Fire Department. He was then taken to Riverside Doctors’ Hospital. 

The passenger reportedly suffered extensive physical injuries. An officer with the Williamsburg police stated that the passenger had blood coming from his ears and head and his arm was “disfigured” at the shoulder. Once he got the the hospital, the passenger was diagnosed with having suffered a broken arm, fractures around his eye socket and multiple fractures to the front and back of his skull, according to the Virginia Gazette news article. 

We send our best to the passenger and his loved ones. This was a horrific accident and the passenger is likely facing months, if not years, of recovery.

The driver of the truck was arrested following the wreck and charged with maiming, DUI, and refusal to take a breath test. 

It’s frustrating to read about preventable accidents, but it’s especially infuriating when the victim was a helpless passenger. It doesn’t appear as though the victim in this accident did anything wrong, except occupy a vehicle being operated by someone who displayed a complete disregard to the safety of others.  

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